A solid Instagram content strategy can make all the difference in your marketing. While working aimlessly without proper road-map can bring in a handful of likes.

You don’t have to go anywhere, as you can learn every important point from here, in one place.

Before jumping onto How to set up an effective content strategy, make sure that you are well-aware of the Instagram platform.

Instagram has become the place of plenty of growth opportunities for business, but at the same time, you’ve to face a competitive environment. But don’t worry, we’ve got your back and jotted down detailed tips about creating a content strategy.

1)  Utilize Follower-Growing ways

Undoubtedly, followers are the most crucial metric for your Instagram success. The more the following an account has, the more the perks one can enjoy. Therefore, your very first priority should get an ample amount of following.

However, many ways can be adopted for the increased following, but the best one is to hire marketers. But not every business’ budget permits to hire high paying marketers. So how can you manage to do it? Luckily, there are a number of service providers in the market that can provide you with a real following.

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Well, you don’t need to be a tech-savvy for this; just explore the trusted site in your country, selling the Instagram service. And make this happen in just a few steps that will take just a few minutes of you.

2)  When and How Often to Post on Instagram

The most common mistake, several beginners usually commit, is not following the content schedule. But on the contrary, if your content calendar has made according to some important aspects, then it could result in driving drastic results.

Luckily you don’t have to explore tons of articles for complete guidance. We’ve covered the most impactful factors and tips in this section.

Firstly, put yourself at the place of your followers and think from his perspective. Bombarding your followers with many posts a day will eventually lose the follower’s interest. Similarly, posting occasionally will also ruin your marketing efforts.

Test posting is the best activity in this regard in which you evaluate the performance of your content in different periods of the day.

Also, follow a regular content calendar, as it can help you to develop a loyal fan base. Now, figure out the time when most of your followers are online. Then, schedule your posting according to this optimal timing for getting more engagement.

3)  Collaborate With Influencers

You might observe that some of the newbies quickly reach to the good-sized following. How they do it? The main reason behind this is their connection with the famous brand or with an Influencer. You can also get your content in front of the broadest audience by taking the assistance of such individuals. 

Explore the Influencers having some sort of relevancy with your brand or niche and contact them. Some of them will charge for their services, but try to find local followers. As you don’t have to pay them but to do some work for them—such work including managing and creating their content and others.

4)  Instagram Stories

Approximately 500 Million Users watch Instagram stories every day.  It has grown into one of the most robust features of Instagram that can unlock the key to success. Craft your content strategy in such a way, where you are focusing on publishing content on stories. You can make use of them to further promote your blog posts, products, video content, and many others. This is a way by which you can succeed in creating an endless cycle of getting organic reach like never before. Moreover, having maximum stories can also lead to the rank of your story at the top.

5)  Go Creative with Your Captions

A picture is worth a thousand words. But you can’t neglect the significance of words. Good words used in the right manner can build an interest factor in your content. Influencers also claimed that it could increase the total time visitors spend in watching your content.

Story-telling and brand story both ways can be employ for writing compelling captions. NatGeo is such an account following this technique, and amazingly they are now standing at 68 Million of following. Also, they got impressive likes and comments on each post.

6)  Keep Interests of Your Target Segment in Mind

Mimicking other’s strategies is not going to work for you as well. Every account needs a unique content plan depicting and based on viewers’ interests. Find out the interests of your target segment and keep on focusing it while posting content. Otherwise, the results would be demotivating and not as per your expectation.

7)  Bring Visual Consistency

60% of brands keep on using the same filter over and over again, and it became their identity. Visual consistency is actually an indirect way; admittedly, it takes some of your time. But once you succeeded in bringing visual consistency, and then people start recognizing and engaging with your content automatically.  You could use prominent filters in your content and keep on using it unless it became your visual identity.

8)  Encourage UGC

UGC stands for user-generated content in which a brand shares content driven by its customer or followers. It can become an inspiration, persuasive recommendation for new visitors that you are worth trusting. Brands follow UGC by uploading testimonials of their satisfied customers. Encourage customers and followers who are sharing such content. You can repost their content on your newsfeed to make them feel special. Running contests on your account could also be a form of UGC.  

Killer Content Strategy – Final Thoughts

In this piece of writing, we’ve shared practical tips gathered from expert marketers. So follow these tips to create a winning content plan that can avoid early pitfalls comes in the way for success.