Let us give you brief info of how useful this social media network Instagram is. For business owners, bloggers, influencers and marketers, Instagram has become one of the best social media platforms. But most people don’t know how to use this platform and its features to grow. For that, you need to understand the Algorithms. Instagram has about 500 million active users from a total of 800 million overall users. This platform is growing constantly and adds over 100 million new users every month.


This feature on Instagram allows users to post a picture or a video for 24 hours. Even though the idea of stories came from Snapchat but Instagram somehow managed to take over Snapchat back in 2017 with millions of active users. Now, more than 500 million people use this cool feature on Instagram.                                        


After knowing the successful story of Instagram stories, you might be wondering how this feature works and how it can benefit you.

It is very easy to work with this feature. The photo bubbles that you see on the top of your feed are the stories posted by people. If you have a look on your Instagram, you will notice that many people post on stories regularly rather than posting on feed. It is because people find it more convenient. This feature allows people to interact with their audience by sharing a sneak peek of their daily life.

Even though Instagram stories are easy to handle, but when people look at the viewer’s list they ask this question that how does Instagram rank story viewers? Instagram hasn’t revealed the truth behind this yet. But many people have their concepts and theories on the ranking of Instagram story viewers.

Many people believe that the list of Instagram story viewers is chronological when lesser people have watched it. When it reaches a certain count, then it is based on likes, comments and profile visits. If a person visits your profiles more often without liking or commenting then they are most likely to appear on the top of the list. Sometimes your friends and family members who engage in your posts more may also appear on the top.

 After hearing all these unauthorized and baseless theories, people decided to test on their own.  Many Reddit users experimented for several days. They made a fake account and viewed their original account stories without liking or commenting on anything. They did this for a few days and as a result, their fake account was visible on the top of the list.

According to some other researches, if a person is ranked on top of your story viewers list then that person might have an interest in the type of content you post and that person watches your story regularly.

So we can have an idea that the Instagram story viewer ranking works similarly as our feeds. It is based on the interest of the viewers and your relationship with them. According to Instagram’s tech communication team, it has been verified by Paige Thelen that it works based on interest, timeliness and your relationship with the audience.

Everyone believes in their concepts and theories about the ranking of story viewers on Instagram but the truth has not been revealed yet by Instagram officially. However, we can still take an idea of how it works with these crucial points.

  • If less than 50 people have viewed your story then it will chronologically show rankings.
  • When viewers count passes 50 viewers then it will be based on likes, comment, profile visits or sometimes it may be ranked in a complicated way.
  • The complicated way can refer to people who have engaged with you the most or people who like the type of content you post.


Now that you know all about your Instagram story views and how the story viewers are ranked, you should also have an idea of how to use this feature to get many views on your stories and grow on Instagram. Use these strategies to increase the number of views on your Instagram stories.


Viewers who watch your stories expect high-quality content from you. The most crucial way to increase your story views is to work hard and create excellent content. It will affect your reach on Instagram and will also lead to increasing your followers.


People who view your stories the most enjoy the content you usually post. But what about other people?  You can maintain a theme on your Instagram feeds but you can post different types of things on your stories. For example, some viewers like pictures and some enjoy watching small videos so you should post both to get more people interested. By doing this, you can attract more people to watch your stories.


Instagram gives an option to post your feed pictures or videos on your stories.  For example, you posted about the launch date of your product on your Instagram feed, you can post that on your story through “add to story” option so that more people can know about this and they can go to the post on your feeds through your stories. You can post that as many times as you like and add fun stickers and hashtags to it.


You can use fun stickers or gifs on your stories to interact with your audience more. You can do polls, take quizzes, use the question sticker and even support small businesses by using stickers. Do this and get more of your story viewers involved.


This is the most used way to get more views on stories and even increase your followers. You can use famous hashtags relevant to your content. When people search for those hashtags which you used on your posts or stories, there are higher chances that your story or post is visible to them. By using this strategy, more new people will get to know you, you will get more views on your stories and you can even get more followers.


Instagram story is the best platform to post teasers. It will create excitement among your followers and they will wait for your new post. Let’s suppose you have a clothing brand on Instagram and you post sneak peeks of your new collection or your new photoshoot, after watching those stories people will be more concerned and this will lead to more views on stories and better engagement.


If your Instagram audience is appreciating and loving you, then you should reward your followers. You can post a giveaway or if you are running a business then you can offer discounts to your followers. There is no other place better than your stories to do this. You will see the results for yourself and your Instagram story views will increase.


As you know, stories disappear after 24 hours. For that, Instagram has introduced a “highlights” feature. This allows people to save their favourite and useful stories for more than 24 hours. You can keep those stories saved in your highlights for a much longer time.


Live sessions on Instagram helps you to interact with your audience more. You can launch something on a live session or you can do a basic Question/Answer session on your live. You can also give a chance to your viewers to join your live session.  You can even save your live session for the people who missed it for 24 hours.


If you have shopped from a branded place or if you are eating at a famous restaurant, just post a picture and tag those brands or restaurants. By doing this, your story might get re-posted by those brands. People following those brands and restaurants will see your story, they will visit your store and it will increase your story views.

Instagram is a platform made for users to grow. However, 70% of US businesses use this platform. Instagram stories are a useful way to promote your work and convey precious information to your audience. If you know how to use these features for your benefit, then no one can stop you from being successful.