Best time to Post on Instagram: There are dozens of tricks that can turbo-charge your Instagram following in less duration. But you will be only able to get most out of it when you’re using each technique in the right way. Otherwise, making use of different strategies simultaneously isn’t going to work until you’re treating it according to marketers’ perspective. 

Marketers are professional in this field, and they’re aware of the nitty-gritty of each strategy, being used on Instagram. Therefore, it is ideal for imitating the way marketers or Influencers are using for a specific technique.

Most probably, all of your efforts will go in vain when it couldn’t reach to your target segment. The best way to make your content super-engaging is to know when most of your followers are active. Sharing your content on right time can possibly get more traction, you’re expecting.

But how can one evaluate the best time to post in Australia?

Fortunately, you’ve come to the right place. This piece of writing consists of every detail about optimal timing to post; you’re looking for.


Effect of Covid-19 on Peak times

Due to the lockdown situation across the globe, the optimal timing has been completed changed. Since people are spending most of their time in homes to maintain social distancing, therefore the social media has become the widely used source of entertainment.

Graph of an active number of users has seen an upward growth in this crisis situation. Although, we’re going through from this terrible situation. But on the flip side, it has created a fair opportunity for marketers to spread the word more effectively and to more people. This is due to an obvious boost in overall peak times in a day.

How Much Meaningful this technique is?

This technique can get you one ahead from the competitors. When it comes to effective brand promotion, Marketers are much conscious about peak times. Accurate data is necessary for a successful marketing campaign and will aid you to align perfect content calendar.

Similarly, you’ve to refrain from posting in worst times as it is similar to wasting your content or message. So what possible benefits you can avail by following this.

  • A noticeable increase in one’s engagement ratio.
  • More the chances of your content to go viral.
  • Your content will become more valuable in terms of huge attention
  • The maximized ratio of engagement could result in getting you organic following and accelerate the pace of your channel growth.

How to find out the Best Time to Post?

If you want to evaluate ideal timing for your account manually, in a specific region, then this is a practice, you can make use of.

You may have heard the term test posting. If not, then here it is. Test posting refers to share your content in a different time period of a day. Usually, this practice lasts for a week. This is because the peak time for posting on Instagram varies in different days in a week. After a week, collect the data and figure out on which time your content got more engagement. It could take even the weekends, lunchtime or anything else. However, it takes some time, but it is worth your time and will have a strong impact on your Instagram marketing campaign.

In competitive niches, this practice may take more than a week due to events or any other reason. You should go with the most repetitive time period you got during the test posting.

Best Time to Post on Instagram in Australia

This heat map belongs to Sproutspecial, which shows the time when most of your followers are active. Keep in mind the heat map while sharing the content. Definitely, the results would be pleasing.

Instagram has quite similar heat, most as compared to its parental company. This is the best time as per the overall usage of Instagrammers. The heat map for media accounts and brand pages varies a little bit.

Description: C:\Users\hyder\Desktop\Best-Time-To-Post-On-Instagram-Australia.jpg

Best times: Friday from 10 a.m.–11 a.m. Wednesday at 11 a.m. and

Best day: Wednesday

Worst day: Sunday

Key Takeaways

The concept of optimal timing is necessary for better brand promotion. We’ve described how to find out the most valuable time to post on Instagram. So, make use of this practice and craft your content plan even more strategical productive.

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