SoundCloud is the most used platform for audio distributive music sharing websites. It was launched in 2007, and now it is the world’s most profound and acceptable music website and mobile application used for uploading, promoting, and sharing audio music.

It also enables listeners to Stream audio. It has more than 175 million users universally because it provides the best experience music streaming services with the paid membership and free.

It has facilitated various music artists to start their careers and succeed and greatly influenced the music industry (Hesmondhalgh, Jones, & Rauh, 2019).

When someone posts music on SoundCloud, it ultimately means to be promoted worldwide, and more people could access the music and listen to it. All want successive plays on SoundCloud because it helps to grab listeners and encourage them to follow.

It improves performance and credibility, but the thing is, how to get more plays in SoundCloud? Today I am telling you some workable and beneficial strategies to get more plays on SoundCloud. Let’s go ahead.

Create Great Music

Music should be according to the niche and trending. It would be best if you published demanding music that has a high probability of promotion.

In this way, more listeners will reach you and listen to your music. Always publish and market something great for the listener to listen to because your music is itself marketing (Reed, 2017).

If you publish demanding music, people want to listen to it more, and eventually, they will also share it with others.  Eventually, you will get drastic progress and more plays in SoundCloud.

Influence Existence Users

People on social media are dedicated and love to share music, and there is high competition in promoting music on SoundCloud. Therefore in this condition, the best approach is to use existing people for your promotion and advantage (Ross, et al., 2018).

You could do this by finding an appropriate channel that can repost your music to huge listeners and social circles, which you may not do.

You could also collaborate with other artists who have many followers. In this, their followers will also show concern for your music and want to listen to it.

Other than this, it is also essential to consider offsite listeners such as YouTube and Blogs because they could also send a large audience your way.

Therefore always consider using Influencers, radio stations, and Spotify playlists. According to the findings of Statista, Spotify was one of the most used music platforms in 2020.


Use Email Promotion

Email promotion is one of the most useful and worthy strategies to attract people towards a particular subject. It is an old but most used and best strategy for marketing and raises.

All have an email account, whether they have YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.

You can connect with your audience through email and build a strong link with them to promote your music on SoundCloud and have more plays there (Hubbles, McDonald, & Lee, 2017). To make it feasible and convenient, make a list of emails to send your music.

You can use Google sheet or excel for this. Make concise content to promote your music to your audience through email, and it must have a SoundCloud link through which they can access your playlist with a single click.

Easy to Discover

Make your music easy to discover on Google and other social platforms. It will help your SoundCloud users to find your music easily.

To make it feasible, you can use tags on your music. The use of trending tags effectively could help users to find your music easily.

If your music is a drum base or bass track, you can use appropriate tags. Set them to drum and base genera.

You can also add location and mood features in your tags for more optimization. Other than this, the name you chose to present your music also matters (Gouly, 2020).

It helps listeners to find music easily they want. Always utilize the description area meritoriously.  It helps to enhance the authenticity, reliability, and connectivity of your music with SoundCloud search.

SoundCloud judges where to place your music; therefore, it is crucial to consider it.

Share with Care

Posting your music is not enough to get a promotion and grab huge listeners on SoundCloud. You must understand the logic of share with care.

It merely means along with your music post. You have to repost other music because it creates an opportunity to build associations with other artists who have great followers on SoundCloud.

If you do so, they will also show concern for your posts and eventually will share them. In this way, you have a high probability of getting more plays on SoundCloud (Hubbles, McDonald, & Lee, 2017).

Besides, it could also turn into long-term collaboration and partnership, and you will have good community stuff that will be enough to support and improve your performance level.

It will also reduce competition for you, and you could grow more and get more plays on SoundCloud.

Be Transparent

Along with sharing music, SoundCloud also allows users to comment. You can use your waveform comment to create transparency with your SoundCloud listeners.

You can tell them about all efforts which you make to design and generate your music. In this way, you will have a great chance to build strong and connective links with SoundCloud Users (Gouly, 2020).

When you share your experience and all journey to make your track, you can also ask for feedback. In this way, users will listen to your music and provide you with appropriate responses accordingly.

In this way, you can get more plays on SoundCloud and improve success measures and performance layout.

Share on Other Social media and Enable Free Download

Always share your post on other social platforms because it creates an opportunity to bring more audience to your way, and you can get more plays in the short term.

Many people may not use SoundCloud, but when you share your SoundCloud music link on other platforms, people will see and visit your playlist (Hesmondhalgh, Jones, & Rauh, 2019).

It enables free download because if they like your music, they could download it easily.

It will enhance feasibility and convenience for the user, and they will be encouraged to listen to your music. According to Statista, more than 20000 people download audio music from SoundCloud.