Every brand, business owner, marketer, or individual who uses Facebook asks themselves the same question. “What can I do to increase likes on my FB page?” If you’re looking for an answer, this is the right place.

With over 2.7 billion monthly active users, Facebook has become one of the largest and most prominent social media networks. Three million businesses use Facebook for marketing and advertising purposes, while 80 million small businesses worldwide are using Facebook pages

This shows that Facebook will help you grow your business if you play your cards right and plan an innovative strategy.

9 Ways to Increase Your FB Page Likes

Let’s have a look at some ways you can take your strategies to the next level and increase your Facebook page likes.

1.   Optimize Your Profile

We all know that nobody would want to follow or like a page whose profile has nothing exciting to show. As the first impression is the last impression, optimizing your profile will make users stay on your page and probably like it.

Start with uploading a good profile picture and cover photo. Then write a captivating bio about what you do that makes people more interested in liking your page.

Your description should be filled with relevant stuff, including an overview of what your business has to offer and a link to your website. By doing so, your profile will look complete and authentic, resulting in more likes.

2.   Upload Shareable Content

Take advantage of people who are already on your page. You can do it by posting content that forces your audience to share it. The more shares your posts get, the more likes your page will have. Upload unique, creative, humorous, emotional, and relatable content that makes people want to share.

3.   Use Hashtags

This tactic may sound old and common, but it still works. Many people think that hashtags are only for Instagram and Twitter. But they’re wrong. Hashtags, being an essential part of your strategy, helps in reaching more people and getting more likes on your Facebook page.

However, many users go crazy with hashtags. They don’t understand the concept and end up using so many hashtags that are almost irrelevant, and it backfires. Add 1-3 hashtags and maintain relevancy to get the best results.

4.   Invite people to Like Your Page

Facebook has a hidden invite button most people don’t know about. You can invite around 500 people per day to like your page. This method is guaranteed to increase likes on your page. Inviting your friends, relatives, colleagues, and existing contacts is another great way to get more likes.

5.   Try to Get More Comments

Do you know that Facebook Algorithm prioritizes posts with more comments? Yes, it’s true. The visibility of your post depends on the number of comments you get. Uploading appealing content with a captivating caption will get you more comments, resulting in more popularity and likes.

6.   Add a Call-to-Action

There’s nothing wrong with adding a call-to-action to your posts. Whether you want comments or share, just add a CTA. Here are some things you can say to your viewers in order to get likes, comments, and shares. See your Facebook Marketing going high.

  • “Do you like this post? Why not share it with your friends?”
  • “Are you on Facebook? Let’s be friends.”
  • Share a relatable post and write this in captions: “Do you agree? Comment down your thoughts.”

Try to be more creative with your CTA and watch people do as you say.

7.   Cross-Promote

If you’re present on other social networks, promoting your Facebook page on those platforms will get you more likes. You can even add a link to your page in your emails to let more people know about it. Besides that, doing a guest post and putting your link over there will also do wonders.

Do you own a blog? Why not embed the link to your Facebook page there? Cross-promoting is probably the easiest and most useful way to grow likes on your Facebook page.

8.   Try Facebook Ads

Want to reach your target audience on Facebook? Give Facebook ads a try. The ad format on this platform is designed to give you the most engaging audience who’ll help you reach your business goals.

Since these ads allow you to target people according to location, demographics, and interests, you’ll get likes from people who will be interested in your page. Isn’t that great?

9.   Host a Giveaway

Well, you all know about the results people get after doing a giveaway. When you include an exciting prize in your giveaway and ask people to like your page, as a rule, they’ll end up doing whatever you say in order to win it.

So don’t wait any longer. Host a huge giveaway to get more Facebook page likes.

Importance of Facebook Page Likes

We all know that more likes help get higher conversion rates, a large audience, more traffic, increased sales, business growth, and so on.

But have you ever heard that more likes lead to even more likes and follows? That’s what we call a boost in organic growth. More likes give people social proof that you are credible and should be followed.

Here’s how more likes on your Facebook page increases your social proof.

Imagine this: You want to shop on Facebook, and you see two pages. One has thousands of likes, while the other has only 100 likes. It’s pretty evident that you’ll choose the one with more likes because you think it’s more reliable. But why you feel that it’s reliable? That is human behavior.

When you see a page with more likes, you’ll also be interested in liking it to know the reason why so many people have liked it. That is why you should never compromise on likes. Do whatever it takes to increase likes on your Facebook page so that you can achieve your goal.

There you have it! We hope these tips to get more likes on your FB page helped you.

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