Instagram broke with the traditional experience of watching TV when it launched its IGTV feature, giving video content creators a modern and more mobile experience. Thanks to IGTV, Instagram users could post great videos longer and quickly and easily share them with their followers on Instagram.

Although IGTV offered a whole new set of features when it was launched, Instagram constantly updated the app to provide a better experience for all Instagram users. The latest update of the program provides for the placement of vertical or horizontal IGTV videos. Choosing the right layout can help you create more exciting videos and thus earn new Instagram likes, comments, and followers. If you’re a content developer who’s confused about posting your video on IGTV, read on.

What to consider when deciding the layout of an IGTV video

The type of layout you choose when launching your Instagram videos depends on the message you want to convey. For example: If you are a chef and want people to see your wide table while you cook clearly, you should choose a horizontal format. On the other hand, if you are fashion influential and have your Instagram followers focus on your outfit from head to toe, move to a vertical position.

Another point to consider is the number of people in this video frame. If you have a group of four or more people in one frame, it’s best to make a horizontal video. Conversely, if fewer people are in one frame and you want to focus on the whole body, the vertical layout works well!

If you want to make videos directly for your followers and viewers on Instagram, creating a video in a vertical format is better than creating a horizontal one. This is because Instagram users are probably scrolling Instagram vertically. Therefore, they will be able to communicate more with you if you look them in the eye and talk to them vertically.

Advantages of creating vertical IGTV videos

  • IGTV vertical videos allow viewers to watch videos with one hand. They do not need to hold a mobile phone with both hands. So they can watch videos while doing other things.
  • Instagram viewers don’t have to flip the phone over and over to watch a vertical video. In addition, because Instagram has a vertical format, Instagram users don’t need to make an effort to manage their vertical IGTV video.
  • Vertical videos are more likely to grab viewers’ attention when they scroll through Instagram.
  • Vertical videos can connect with the audience more because they are closer and make them feel like you are talking directly to them.

Advantages of creating horizontal IGTV videos

  • Horizontal videos are ideal for creating videos that cover a wide area.
  • It’s easier to shoot and watch when several people are involved.
  • Horizontal videos can be easily uploaded to other links on social networks such as YouTube.

No matter which layout you choose, engaging IGTV videos can help you attract more Instagram views and followers. It’s not a rule to follow just one layout for all videos. You can do some vertically and some horizontally, depending on the content you want to create. However, it’s a good idea to support a single format for all your videos. It promotes branding, consistency and makes your job easier.