LinkedIn is a platform to connect with the world of professionals. You can create a profile there and showcase your skills and interests. This social network is specially designed for building careers. It has a global audience of over 600 million users, out of which most of them are professionals.

However, LinkedIn has a few issues that make people don’t want to use it. Those issues are mentioned below.

  • Poor feed algorithms
  • Ads interface is not good.
  • Expensive than other social media networks.
  • Irrelevant spam.
  • Behavior of people

And the top reason why people don’t like it is that it’s not like Instagram or Facebook. Here, you cannot do whatever you want. This platform has some rules. Also, some people say you talk here like you do in your office. That’s quite boring.

Even though many people think LinkedIn has very little predilection and most people don’t prefer using it, but it still holds a lot of importance. It is an excellent platform for all B2B companies.

Why is LinkedIn Important?

1.   It’s a Well-Known Platform

LinkedIn reportedly has more than 600 million active worldwide users. With this much popularity, not having a LinkedIn profile is considered unprofessional. Even employers don’t consider you as a serious candidate if you don’t have a profile.

Along with being so popular, it has a broad and high-value audience. So don’t wait any longer. Quickly build your presence on LinkedIn and enjoy many incredible growth opportunities.


2.   Build Your Brand

Want to stand out in your industry? A professional LinkedIn profile will help you to do so. A good LinkedIn profile will help you in expanding your brand presence and building a reputation. It will help recruiters, managers, employers, and co-workers have a better understanding of who you are and what are your skills.

When you put in the effort to build your brand on LinkedIn, it gives you tons of chances for career growth and personal development. So if you want to give your company excellent exposure, LinkedIn is the right platform for it.

3.   Your Profile is Searchable

Have you ever Googled yourself? Having a LinkedIn profile will help people locate you on the web. When you apply for a job, employers are more likely to Google your name for several reasons. You all already know how difficult it is to be ranked on Google’s first page. But, with a powerful network like LinkedIn, it is easier.

4.   Incredible Job Opportunities

This is one of the most useful benefits of having an account on LinkedIn. Top recruiters and managers are already using the platform, giving you tons of fantastic career opportunities. Your LinkedIn profile will act as a resume or an online CV. It will help you find a decent job faster.

An active and appealing profile will attract more potential employers. It will double your chances to be discovered by people looking to hire a good fit for their company.

5.   Stay Up-to-Date on Job Openings

Keep an eye on job opportunities that might sound interesting to you with LinkedIn. Keep track of these and get a chance to find a perfect job for yourself. You can set job alerts and receive emails to stay up-to-date. Enable the “I’m interested” option to let recruiters know about it.

LinkedIn provides multiple benefits and works perfectly as a free tool. But, with its premium account, you’ll have access to more info about job openings. Also, you get a free one-month trial, which is a plus point. Besides that, you’ll have access to useful insights too.

6.   Build credibility and trust

Want to look like a trustworthy potential employee? Create a well-put-together LinkedIn profile and let it do its work. A good profile will help you gain the trust of your prospects and make you look like an expert in your niche. And it will open the doors for many tremendous opportunities.

Pay attention to the smallest details of your LinkedIn profile, which will help reinforce your reputation, become credible, and develop trust.

7.   Be a Professional

LinkedIn plays a vital role in making you a full-fledged professional. Since LinkedIn is the world’s largest professional network, you will also be considered as a professional here. If you’re looking to advance your career, LinkedIn is the right platform for you.

Your LinkedIn profile gives recruiters and employers a professional impression.  Along with that, it allows you to showcase your skills and expertise.

8.   Important Networking Tool

Last but not least, LinkedIn is one of the most important networking tools for businesses and companies. It allows you to connect with professional organizations and stay up-to-date with the latest development within your industry.

A network that is used across 200 countries is great for building relationships, which will give you many advantages. LinkedIn helps you in reaching out to professionals around the globe and connecting with them.

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If you are a pro at LinkedIn and know some more benefits of using it, let us know in the comments. We’d love to read them.

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