Refund Policy

BuySocialFollower tries their level best to ensure that their clients are fully satisfied with purchased services. The protection of consumers is one of the broad topics in every business sector. Yet, nearly every sector has its services just for keeping consumer rights and providing consumer satisfaction. To avoid the out of favor situations, the refund policy has impotency for consumer satisfaction.

However, if you’re unhappy or have any sort of concerns regarding our services, write to us at We’re always pleased to resolve your problems and clarify the queries.

 Are we able to give your money back?

The one and only circumstance where you will get a refund are when we could not deliver your order within seven days of delivery in which you first placed your order if the shipment time specified is lesser than three days for the product.

A partial or complete refund will be issued in the following conditions:

  1. When our company is unable to successfully complete your order due to the fault in our system.
  2. In case of any misunderstanding regarding our product or problem with your system and delivery hasn’t begun yet.
 Conditions when you can’t get Refund:

During the following conditions, we can reject your refund requests.

  1. While your post gets deleted by Instagram or your account gets banned.
  2. In case when you respond to our customer care representative rudely.
  3. When you’ve opened any fraudulent case with PayPal or with other payment Companies.
 If I change my mind after I complete my order, am I able to cancel it and get a refund?

We give refunds only if we’ve not yet placed your order. If your order is at a queue or being processed, your order has been may be placed, and therefore, we are unable to refund you.

 You agree that once you successfully finish payment, you will not you won’t file a dispute or even a chargeback against us for whatever reason.


Refund or cancellations do not apply to those services that are offered with special discounts availed by coupons.