Instagram introduced business profiles in 2016. When you switch to a business profile, you will be able to access all the professional features. These features are a must-have for any business owner or marketer to track their growth and build new strategies.

Since this social media network is skyrocketing, many influencers and brands are trying to make the most of this platform. And their first step into success was switching to a business profile. So what’s stopping you? Upgrade your personal Instagram to an Instagram business profile now, and get access to multiple benefits and features.

(Note: If you are not a business or brand owner, then you can switch your Instagram to creator profile instead of a business profile. By doing so, you will get all benefits and features.)

Switching to a business profile

Follow these steps to convert your personal Instagram account to a business profile.

  • Open the mobile app, go to your profile, and click on the icon that shows three horizontal lines on the top-right corner.
  • Select settings, then click on “Account.”
  • Scroll down where you will see an option that says “Switch to a professional account.” Click on it.
  • Tap “continue” and select your category.
  • If you are not a business or brand owner, you can select “Creator” instead of “Business” in the next step.
  • After that, you will have to set up your contact information.
  • In the next step, connect your business account to your Facebook page. It is quite simple to create a new page if you don’t have one.

Now you will be able to take advantage of all the features of a professional account.

Benefits of a professional Instagram account

Switching your Instagram account to a professional one helps you enhance your Instagram content and marketing strategy. Let’s have a look at the features you have unlocked by converting to a business profile.

1.   Instagram analytics

When you upgrade to a business or creator profile, you will have access to all your Instagram insights in detail. It provides you with all the essential demographics of your audience, including age, gender, location, and the time when most of your followers are active. It also gives you insights about your top posts, stories, and IGTV through which you can have an idea about your viewers. You can improve your content and post more of what your audience finds interesting. These profile statistics will help you in many possible ways.

2.   Promotions, advertising, and marketing

Through business profiles, you will be able to do promotions, run ad campaigns, and take your marketing strategy to the next level. Make appealing Instagram ads, and nothing will stop you from improving sales, generating traffic, and growing your business/brand.

Instagram has also introduced shop-able posts. You can manage your shops within the app, or you can add your website link in your bio or stories. Shops on Instagram make it easier for consumers to purchase from your brand without leaving the app. You can also inform your customers about your sales, new launches, shipping, and delivery within the platform.

3.   Easier to contact

Professional Instagram accounts make it easier for your consumers to contact you. You can add your email, phone number, and even your location. Users can simply click on the contact information that you have provided to connect with you.

Make the most of these features

More than 25 million users use Instagram to market their business, and over 200 million users regularly visit a business profile. So now is your time to use powerful strategies and grab the attention of most users. Switch your Instagram to a business profile now and make the most of the features it has to offer. When switching to a Business Account, you may need to show up a huge following on your account to attract potential customers and socialproof your brand. offers services for Instagram to help businesses social proof their brand and increase their Instagram followers. You may need services necessarily to build a brand on Instagram